Rose O'Neill First American female cartoonist that became a millionaire from her work.
First female cartoonist. Creator of the Kewpie comics

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Artist  and art lovers of all ages will

enjoy this remarkable story. As in the prairie stories Rose O’Neill a talented child artist grew quickly to become a millionaire from her art work. She worked for the women’s right to vote while expanding her art career in America and Europe.


The comic magazine Puck was where you see humor in different cultures as real people and not caricatures.


The Kewpie comics were first published In Ladies Home Journal in 1909. The dolls were introduced in 1913 as the first toy distributed globally. It is felt Kewpies big eyes influenced the Japans Anima character. The Kewpie stories

were based on doing “good deeds”.


The humor of  Rose O’Neill found in families and communities.

Classic folk talks  and fables Illustrations by Rose O’Neill.

Kewpie comics were seen in popular magazines and Sunday Newspapers.

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Kewpieville Cartoon
Kewpies playing with the animals
Rose O'Neill creating the Kewpies
The Bean Stalk folk tale by Rose O'Nieill
Rose O'Neill Christmas with children of the world
O'Neill was the first comic illustrator to show many cultures in her comic as real people and not caractures.

Down the Road with John Henry

First to illustrator to show many coutures  as real people and not as caricatures.

The Bean Stalk

African American Family party.
Family  party by Rose O'Neill
Biography of Rose O'Neill  by Linda Brewster